Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Assignment 9

What I've Learned This Year
By: Mr. McClung

In this post by Mr. McClung I received some amazing insight and practical advice through his blog. I am not even sure if he meant for this to be more than a reflection, but I know that I for one received much more than was probably intended from the beginning. One thing that I especially liked that he reflected on was to be flexible. Of course your lessons aren't going to be taught word for word that you originally had written up and thats fine! It is also a great way to work on your improv as a teacher. It will only cause more stress if you freak out over not being in total and perfect control. I also like how Mr. McClung touched on technology and how it is our friend not our enemy. Of course many teachers are skeptical of technology! I was extremely skeptical of technology before this class. It isn't really that it's scary, it just is intimidating because to many of us this is some new material that we are unfamiliar with and that in itself can be scary before we even give it a second chance. This point of technology leads me to my final and favorite point that he made. It was the one that said never stop learning. I cannot agree with this more! We are constantly going to be learning new things as teachers and that's an awesome thing. I love to learn and it is comforting to know that our learning isn't going to end even when we are the one teaching. This is so refreshing! This post by Mr. McClung easily ranks in the top ten favorites of mine that I have read thus far over the course of this semester. I look forward to follow him throughout the semester and beyond! What a solid foundation schools could have if all teachers thought like this!

Stay Positive


  1. I loved this assignment. Mr. McClung helped ease some of my stress about actually being in the classroom. I dont think I will ever forget his advice.

  2. Man, I am glad that he impacted you so positively. Is there anything different in particular that made his post stand apart so much? I really like the simplicity of your blog, by the way. You might add a picture here and there in your longer more thoughtful posts so that they don't look so intimidating ;-).