Monday, March 28, 2011

C4T #3

For this Comments 4 Teachers I was assigned to Eric Langhorst who is an eighth grade teacher in Liberty, Missouri. His blog is Speaking of History. In his blog, he focuses on familiarizing people of all ages of the advantages of technology. He explains much in great detail with few words. He has a gift of explanation. Mr. Langhorst focuses on twitter and skype and other social networking programs. The benefits of these are huge. Another thing that he focused on that personally interested me was the facebook vs. twitter slide that he did. It helped me understand twitter a little more. I have been on twitter for a few years now, but through posts like Mr. Langhorsts and other teachers' blogs I have really honed in on my "twitter-using" skills. I am thankful for all this free advice I get from teachers like Mr. Langhorst. He also has a slideshow he created for building a PLN. We are doing that now in this class, so that was kind of like an added bonus for me to get assigned to him. He really is a wise teacher to be teaching his class the importance of technology. I am extremely glad that this class is required to help turn the non-believers of technology in the classroom into hard-core technology gurus. I am not sure that I am there quite yet, simply because of my lack of knowledge. However, each and every day that I look at teachers' posts such as Mr. Langhorst's and discover something new that I can do with my computer, I am overjoyed and I feel my success rate going up just a little more each time. I have three semesters before I have a classroom of my own, I am already wondering how far I will have come by the time I reach that point. The word "eager" doesn't even touch what I am feeling towards reaching that point!

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