Thursday, March 24, 2011

C4K #4,5,& 6

C4K #4
I was assigned Mr. Harris's 7/8 year old class at PT England School. They are a talented bunch of kids! They just got netbooks to replace their textbooks. They were extremely excited about them! To me, this was a huge display of how technology really is changing in the classroom. It was encouraging and it made me excited to see what will be available in a few weeks, a few months, or a few years! I have enjoyed following Mr. Harris's class. They seem like such an intellectual group of 7 and 8 year olds that are eager to learn! I am glad they got netbooks for their usage! They deserve them and I can't wait to hear about an update on the netbooks!
Mr. Harris' Class

C4K #5
I was assigned Jenny She's five and six year old class from PT England School as well. They are so cute! Their blog is called Little Voices Little Scholars. They are a creative bunch of five and six year olds. They make many movies and clips about everything from their weekend to a story that they wrote. This class is an example of using technology in many different ways. They don't take it for  granted like I so often do. They know how valuable technology is and they use it in so many ways. It blows my mind that these kids are six years old! When I was six, we got our first computer at home. We never had the technology in the classroom available today. I am glad they realize the importance of what they are doing!
Ms. She's Class

C4K #6
I was assigned Room 14, a group of five and six year olds from Tauranga, New Zealand. These kids rock. The thing that hits home the most for me is that these kids are the age that I want to teach. They are five and six and are making videos. I need to step up my game if my class is going to do things such as this! I hope that they do! I need to further inform myself of the technology available so I can make things happen in my classroom! These kids are so awesome. My favorite thing that they did was an integrity slideshow! They made a slideshow of what integrity means to them. Each student held up a sign of what integrity is to them. It was much like the "This is My Sentence" video that we did earlier in the semester. I am so glad that I am able to follow these inspiring kids. It gives me more hope for my classroom! Below is the integrity slideshow link.
Integrity slideshow
Room 14

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