Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Assignment 5

Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog

This is awesome! The third graders that did this are pretty unique. The Roman podcast that I listened to was so cool. I actually learned a lot about Rome by listening to this. I thought it was neat how they were "journeying" to ancient Rome and narrated history and sites as they went along. I also enjoyed how the music changed as the setting and mood changed. I could definitely use ideas from this to put into my podcast. The different combination of voices that I heard as it switched from student to student also kept me intrigued and it kept my attention with it constantly changing. I could also incorporate that idea in to my podcast. These kids rock!
This was extremely cool to me that she helped the Language Arts teacher upgrade her unit. The upgrading with the podcast idea was a great idea to mix things up. By "redoing" short stories read by someone with a different point of view was a great way to put a spin on things. This was in part also to inspire other teachers to try something different in their classroom and to do something new. I'm sure it was refreshing to both student and teacher alike! This could also reach more students in this way. I think this was such a neat, fun, and needed idea!
Education Podcast Network (EPN)
This is such a neat set-up! This is so helpful to teachers now and also to future teachers like me! To have a podcast site specifically made for a teacher's benefit is awesome. You can get new ideas and content through this podcast side. It's just podcast after podcast of everything you could hope for. It's like Disney World for teachers. (Well maybe not that great, but you get the idea). The directory will grow as people share their stories and ideas! This is awesome! I will definitely use this as a teacher!


  1. "It's like Disney World for teachers." That's a new one! So will you be a podcasting teacher? I hope so,

  2. Yes! I really want to be a podcasting teacher! I want to do first grade, so I think to get them started that young can only lead to positive results!

  3. Hey Sarah, it's me Abby. I also loved, loved, loved the Eduaction Podcast Network. I think it is a very valuable and easy accessible tool for present teachers and future teachers. I loved how they broke everything down, including grade level and subject. I can't wait to have my own classroom and be able to use the things I am learning now in them. All this technology has me super-pumped!