Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summary Post C4K 1,2, and 3

Before I begin summarizing the posts of the great kids that I commented on, I want to stress how much fun this was. It was way cool to see that kids this young and all around the world are blogging! I hope that they see the value in this and aren't doing it just because it is a required assignment for their class. This was so cool to see. The schools that did this are so wise to allow and/or require their students to do this. I only have seen three classes so far and I know that there are many more out there. That rocks!

The first comment 4 kids blog that I looked at was Zach. His class lives in Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. It is located on the West coast of Canada along with beaches, mountains, and forests. Zach's class blog is called Building Blocks and they use their blogging to reach out and to stay in touch with students across the globe. They are also working with other classes in their school to help each other out with the blogging. They call themselves Division 17 and post all sorts of things that the students create. They had a stick figure dance challenge where they created their own stick figures on the computer that danced! You can view the different dances made at http://bcarmi.edublogs.org/classwork/. They also have a spot on their blog where you can go through the steps provided to make yourself a stick figure or an avatar. You can check that out at http://bcarmi.edublogs.org/blogging/. I also posted Zach's blog on my blog previously. This was such a neat school. I'm glad they are encouraging blogging.

The second kid that I was assigned was the Sebastian. He went to Pt England Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand. The students at this school produce a weekly podcast called KPE which stands for Korero Pt England. The students that create this podcast are between the ages of 9 and 11. They work with their teachers to promote reading in their classrooms. They read lots of books by New Zealand authors and their podcast is to promote these authors. You can view the podcasts at http://www.ptengland.school.nz/index.php?family=1,871. This link also will lead you to the class blog. They love feedback and commenters. You can do this at kpe@ptengland.school.nz

The third kid I got assigned to was in Mr. Wolfe's class. This blog was different than the other 2 blogs I read. The students here didn't have names, they were a couple letters then numbers. I assume they are their initials and 2011 which is obviously the year. This was interesting on how it was set up. The homepage blog http://kidblog.org/MrWolfesClass2/. It is set up with the blog title and who the author it is whether it is student or teacher. This was a neat way to do it because you can scroll down and go directly to that blog post and to what student wrote it. I didn't get as much information on this school as the other ones simply because the information was limited. I was encouraged to see that the students blog regularly though! I think this is very important to keep in the classroom. Mr. Wolfe's blog that he keeps himself further explains each particular blog that his class does and some extra posts as well. You can view this at http://kidblog.org/MrWolfesClass2/author/MrStephenWolfe/.

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