Tuesday, February 15, 2011

C4T #2


The teacher that I followed for these past couple weeks was Howard Rheingold. His website is http://dmlcentral.net/. He is a very well educated man. To be honest, the first post I commented on was

Wikirriculum: Curriculum in the Digital Age

 I was completely confused as to what he was trying to say and I told him I was confused. He responded with another post to me in an attempt to clear things up and it didn't help too much. That wasn't his fault. I think that I just have a lot of learning to do!

The second post I commented on was

On Paranoid Parenting, Media and Education

 This post was very interesting to me and I did in fact understand this one. Parents are scared to let their kids learn as much as their is to technology. The movie he made reference to was Dogtooth, which won best foreign film. The movie is about a father who shields his 3 children from the outside world completely. They are adults, but they still have children minds. He literally doesn't let them outside of the gates. He doesn't even give them names. It is child abuse for sure and it was all to shield them from the outside world. That's kind of extreme for sure. I really don't think parents today would go to the extremes like they did in this movie, but the fear is still there. Before this class, I was afraid of technology taking over the classroom and students no longer needing a teacher in the classroom etc. No longer do I think that way, I know technology presents us as future teachers with so many tools that we need to grasp and hang onto! I still have so much to learn and I am eager to do it!

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