Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Assignment 11

The youtube video I watched about Ms. Cassidy's Class was so awesome. First graders blogging and writing books? What an inspiration. Her first graders really seem to enjoy it. I noticed that they use Nintendo DS's to practice with letters etc. I have never thought about doing that before! I think most teachers automatically assume that those would be distracting for students, but if you think about it, they would be more interested in learning letters on something they can relate to and enjoy! This is a huge part of being technology literate. Like Ms. Cassidy said, you can't be "technology literate" and only know how to use Word or do a spreadsheet. That is not technologically literate these days. The students will not want to learn if you use those techniques. Technology is constantly changing. It only makes sense that students and the classroom need to keep up with it. Before this class, I definitely was anti-technology. I'm glad I took this class or else I am sure I wouldn't have a job for very long!

The techniques that Ms. Cassidy suggested to use in a classroom included countless sources. Twitter and PLN's are a big hit with her. Twitter is such a neat tool. I have discovered more daily every time I log onto Twitter. The resources are quite endless. I love that this an available tool and that teachers are using it. I will absolutely use this as a resource when I am a teacher. I want my students to be able to blog and have access to all sorts of technology. Fortunately, Ms. Cassidy didn't hit any major bumps in the road with anyone that tried to stop her from doing this with her class. She didn't always have support, but at least no one tried to shoot her ideas and techniques down. I know that is a huge risk when I have a classroom on my own. The principal and higher powers may not always agree with technology in the classroom. I am not sure what I would do if this became an issue. I know that permission forms to even use a computer is an absolute must and I know that they may not see my side of the issue. I think the best thing we can do is inform the "unbelievers" and show them how awesome and useful technology really is.

I love the safety precautions that Ms. Cassidy takes. I also love how in her youtube video she made the students recite a few rules back. Never using the student's last name is absolutely imperative. Also, making sure the students know what not to write on their blog. Never say mean things is also a big no-no. I think that the students in her class know and follow these rules. They really need to fully understand the importance of the safety rules. When I use blogging in my classroom, I will use these rules for sure.

I want to continually polish up on my "technology literacy". I know that I am miles away from being where I should be. I also know that before this class, I was miles away from where I am now. That is encouraging and makes me want to better the skills I have. It really is a fun thing to learn about technology these days. It will be even more fun to teach someone the things I now know! And I know for absolute certainty, when I teach my students this awesome stuff, I will be learning right along with them! That is so exciting to me!

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  1. Sarah Nell,

    I loved Ms. Cassidy's videos too! I was so surprised to see that children that young are blogging. I think it's interesting that she allows the kids to use their Nintendo D.S. in the classroom to learn letters; I would have thought it would be a distraction. But, as you said,"they would be more interested in learning letters on something they can relate to" and I have to agree with that statement. Kids really love technology and incorporating it into class lessons is a great way to keep them engaged and learning. Good job on your post!