Monday, April 18, 2011

Summary Post C4K #7,8,9, &10

The seventh C4K was The Unicorn Blog. This blog was a classroom blog with a teacher named Miss Pike. The blog is very organized and efficiently set up. The school's name is Epping Heights and it is in Sydney, Australia. I think that my favorite thing about this blog is that they have a little "visitors" box and it shows all the different people from different countries that have visited their classroom blog. I think that just shows the power and advantage of blogging. This is a class worth following.

The eighth C4K was perhaps my favorite C4K that I have followed this semester. It was Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog. Besides being a useful technological tool, her class blog is so interesting. I have seen some of the neatest pictures and posts from her and her students. The fact that she is so enthusiastic about learning and can put that same energy and charisma into her blog says a great deal to me. She wants to hear from others, her blog isn't just for her classroom purposes, I truly believe it is to help an inform others as well! I still to this day use her how to use correct html code post. That is bookmarked on my computer and I am sure I will use it for years to come. This is a teacher I would model my classroom blog after.

The ninth C4K was Hello World! by Kyle. He also attends Epping Heights. Unfortunately, there was not much to his blog. I left a comment with no response. He didn't have any blogs posted yet. I think something must have just gone wrong with his. I still saw some amazing students from EHPS.

The tenth C4K was Adia's Babble Blog. This blog was my favorite's next to Mrs. Yollis' blog. Her blog looks like someone my age did it. She has such great grammar and punctuation that it blows my mind. It makes me want to better my blog even more when I see what she can do and share. She has such neat experiences on her blog and you can tell she is eager for more. She has a solid blogging foundation and I truly hope she continues on blogging! She is way awesome. I hope to hear back from her sometime soon. She is a talented and gifted young girl. Adia can make a change for the better with the use of technology and her blog. We all should be able to say that!

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