Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Assignment 13

I have never heard of this site ALEX before. ALEX stands for the Alabama Learning Exchange. It was actually a very neat site and very easy to maneuver around. What I found, were a few very important uses for this site. This will absolutely come in handy when I become a teacher and have a classroom. The homepage has 8 tabs on it. The first one is Alabama Course of Study. This includes all of the standards in the Alabama course of study. This site is the easiest access I have experienced with trying to review the standards. The second tab is Lesson Plans and it leads you to lesson plans already made and suggestions for some. This is also a handy thing for those that are new at this! The third button is the Search button. You can search all of ALEX or you can narrow your search by the Alabama Course of Study standards etc. The next tab I couldn't access. It was Personal Workplace and you had to have an account with them. I hope one day to be able to access this. The next tab was Professional Learning. This had everything from info about Special Education to Library Media to School Improvement. This would be a great tab to further explore when I have a classroom of my own. I think it would hold even more meaning to me than it does now. The seventh tab was the Podcast Treasury. This tab was for sure something that many teachers can use to incorporate technology in their classroom. You could choose a content area and then search different podcasts for that area. That is a rockin' tool. I don't care who you are. The last tab was ALEXville. The clickable icon is a globe with surrounding houses called ALEXville. The information on that is unlimited. You can do everything from subscribing to the ALEXville news to the Alabama Teachers of the Year.

This site was a neat one to explore. I will absolutely use it as a future teacher. I will also recommend or show this to teachers and future teachers. They need to know about this if they don't already. This is a tool that we shouldn't take for granted. Schools in Alabama and teachers could benefit from this greatly. I am thankful for resources such as this. I already feel like I am being pointed in the right direction through sites and guidance like this.

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