Monday, April 25, 2011

Special Metaphor Assignment (Blog Assignment #14)

I clearly missed the metaphor example in the previous post. I'm not sure why. For the most part, I think of myself perceptive to metaphors and other examples. I think that maybe I have taken this class too seriously which concerns me because I am usually the one with a great sense of humor. Looking back on it now, I understand the metaphor in the assignment. Maybe it was so easy that I overlooked it. We may never know

Over the weeks, I have encountered countless metaphors. Kids seem to have the best metaphors. The kids I nanny for come up with great ones. Last week I heard countless times, "You're being a big baby". I also heard from a classmate, "That girl is one hot fox". Others I have heard this week: "What an airhead", "He is a bump on a log", and "You're a smelly goat". The list goes on and there are tons that I could name and I am still dwelling on the fact that I missed the first one.

In our future classrooms, I think we could use metaphors as wall decoration. I could have examples of them all over. Depending on the grade level and the subject, you could make your students incorporate them in a paper or in sentences that they must write using certain words or letters. There are many options. Using them frequently as a teacher is also key! That is a great start and gets your students used to hearing them all the time.

We use metaphors as a type of exaggeration or to get our point across. From the one I heard from my older sister after I got back from a run "You're a smelly goat" got the point across that basically said to me, "Hey you need a shower. Immediately." I got the point across. It got to me better than if she were to say, "Hey, you sweated a ton!" The point I'm trying to make is that for the most part metaphors are helpful in their own exaggerating way. Obviously, I'm not a goat or else I wouldn't be typing this up right now. I did smell like one though. I'll give her that. It got the point across in a descriptive way. Metaphors are a great tool to have. I hope that in future times, I will catch the metaphor much more quickly than the previous post.

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