Wednesday, April 27, 2011

C4T #4

My last Comment 4 Teachers was Larry Ferlazzo. The information he finds and posts on his blog vary from things I would use all the time information that I have never even thought to search for. I think this is what makes it so unique. He mainly focuses on technology and incorporating technology in the classroom. He is big on PLN's and on social networking. Larry Ferlazzo was extremely helpful especially regarding this class. His posts on PLN's were extremely helpful and I was assigned to him around the time I was trying to finish mine up. He add tips and advice on how to do it.

Another aspect of his blog that I have never used but will come in handy is Google Earth. He has a tutorial for beginners and for advanced users. This is great! I have never used Google Earth but I can see myself getting on it often from now on. The tutorial was very helpful and easy to use. He is a beginner at it as well so he knew how to explain it to the newbies like me.

My favorite post from Larry Ferlazzo was probably "20 Interesting Images to Use in the Classroom". It is created by Tom Barnett. The pictures are awesome. He describes what pictures to use for what kind of explanation. For example, he said to use optical illusions for metaphors. I thought that was interesting. It is also one of those things that I'm not likely to forget. I will follow all of the teachers I have been assigned to in this class. Laryy Ferlazzo will be one of the most helpful ones for me, however. I feel like his aim is more towards teachers instead of students. His blog will definitely help me in so many ways.

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